Benefits of Dehumidification

  • Same production climate all
    year round
  • High, consistent quality all
    year round
  • Compliance to humidity specification


Moisture and hygroscopic materials
The air always contains moisture to some degree. Substances used for tablets are extremely moisture-absorbent, i.e. hygroscopic. Moisture  effects the products’ weight, their durability and quality. If you fail to protect ingredients that are sensitive to moisture, eventually they have to be scrapped, which is much more expensive than regulating your indoor climate.

Clean room manufacturing and laboratories
A controlled level of humidity in the premises is a prerequisite for experiments under controlled conditions.

Punching and coating tablets When punching and coating tablets you can maintain your production capacity, or even increase it, if you control the moisture in the production premises. No risk of the
tablets getting stuck in the machines.

Mixing and weighing
When hygroscopic ingredients are mixed and weighed it is important to maintain a controlled level of moisture in the room. When several substances are being mixed theproducts can vary in weight from one day to the next if the relative humidity varies.


Some of the companies that use dehumidifiers from Seibu Giken DST AB:
Agamo Laboratories, Astra Zeneca, Bio Technologies  Bayer, Boots, Ciba, C.P. Pharamceutical, Cedevita, Eli Lilly, Europartech, Evans Biologicals, Cupol Pharmaceuticals, Control Therapeutics, F.E. Zuellig, France Gelules, Glaxo Wellcome, Pharmaceuticals, Goedecke, Hoechst, Hoffmann Laroche, Miles laboratories, Nordmark, Nycomed, Pharmacia, PierreFabre Pfi zer, Roche, Sante, Pliva, R.P. Scherer, Sandoz, Sanofi , Sarget, Scat, Smithkline & Beecham, Upjohn, Upsa

 CASE: Pfizer Sydney

Pfizer are manufacturers of  Lipitor for cholesterol and Viagra for recreation and are the worlds biggest Pharmaceutical manufacturer. Pfizer utilizes DST desiccant dehumidification on their pharmaceutical production in Ryde.   Most of the materials used are hygroscopic which absorb moisture during the manufacturing process which will affect the final product in weight, quality and durability.   AAAT also provide service on a quarterly basis for the 8 desiccant systems operating the production areas.