Commercial – Healthcare Facilities

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Sydney Adventist Hospital

Humidity controlled ventilation provides building energy savings and humidity control, without the need for the zone air conditioners to condense water on coils.  A supply of 6Cdp allows for substantial internal moisture to be absorbed while maintaining hygienic climate conditions.

Two 6000L/s fresh air hot water and chilled water desiccant units service an array of operating theatres.



Westmead Childrens Hospital – CMRI – Childrens Medical Reseach Institute

Ventilation air for laboratories is dried sufficiently to absorb humidity in the space.  A refrigeration compressor is also employed to release low energy from heat pumps. Yeasts, moulds and bacteria require a certain amount of humidity to support growth this makes controlling humidity one of the most important factors in maintaining a sterile environment.  7,000l/s of Outside Air is conditioned to precisely 22C+/-1C and 50% +/-5% to allow for specialist machinery to stay in calibration


Ryde Hospital

Ventilation air for operating theatres is dried sufficiently to absorb humidity in the space.  Energy recovery ventilators capture the exhaust air from the hospital space for peak demand reduction.  PAC1500S Seibu Giken energy wheel achieves substantial energy transfer.


Wallace Worth NSW University Research Institute

Desiccant dehumidification with chilled water precoolers condition a substantial ventilation rate for the building which has various laboratories and houses mice used in research.

Sydney University Brain Research Institute

A chilled water modification of ventilation system using Aquacooler chiller and AHU and filtration refurbishment.