Chilled Beams

Lindab’s supply air beam Premum can be used for cooling, heating and ventilation. Water valves, actuators, Regula Secura, Regula Combi and Regula Connect can all be built into the Premum beam.

Premum features the Lindab JetCone, an innovative way of regulating the air volume. The air volume can easily be adjusted without having to worry about pressure and noise issues.

The Angled Nozzles system secures a perfect air spread pattern, available in a number of factory preset angles.

As a plus feature the Lindab AirGuide system offers readjustable air spread pattern control.

The Premum chilled beam is fully integratable with the Lindab eHybrid solution and together they provide an optimal energy efficient solution.

  • JetCone – wide dynamic operation range
  • Angled Nozzles – draught free environment
  • AirGuide – for a maximum in flexibility

To this I can say that the beam, is one of the most flexible in the market, we can cover the VAV system without drop, by controlling the beam with our Regula Combi, which have programs that can set how the beam should react to changing airflow.




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