Humidifiers – Steam and Evaporative

Humidifiers Steam



As the name suggests the HygroMatik Compactline is compact and space-saving humidifier. The units are designed for low to medium loading. With 9 sizes, the wall-mounted units offer maximum steam outputs of 1 to 58 kg/h. Steam outputs of more than 58 kg/h are obtained by using several units together.
As electrode steam humidifiers the CompactLine units produce hygienic steam from tap water. The units are intelligently self adjusting which will enable it to work reliably, quickly and in the most economic way possible.

Simple installation

The wall mounted units can be directly connected to all standard tap water mains to produce, mineral-free, pure water vapour fully automatically and in an intrinsically safe manner. The cabinet is completely manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The cowling can be removed to allow easy access to the unit components from three sides.

Simple maintenance and long service cycles

The robust blow-down pump carries small hardeners particles into the drain which will extend the cylinder service cycles. Cylinder cleaning takes minutes without the need for chemicals. Simply open, clean and carry on using. Plug-in hose connections, steam hose adapter and manually operated water drainage will save time, money and the environment.

Modern microprocessor controls

The intelligent HygroMatik microprocessor controls can be expanded in modules and process all current control signals. They adjust automatically to the water quality and monitor the entire humidifying process.

The CompactLine    control offers

  • Continuous or single-stage
  • Automatic system
  • 5 signal lights for indicating operating
  • 2 floating output remote
  • Stand-by blow-down and stand-by
  • Integrated RS 485 serial
  • Optional relay circuit board for output of 4 additional
  • Option for switching over to process
  • Integrated PI
  • 4 line illuminated
  • 4 function keys for easy operation and programming

Humidifiers Evap

GlassPad Example




The more efficient humidifying/evaporative media.

The more effective solution for high-end evaporative cooling , humidification and Drift elimination.

GLassPad is made of special impregnated glass fibre material that allows for superb moisture absorptive capability, ensuring continuous humidification and evaporative cooling effect even at a high air face velocity. Special inorganic compound of GLassPad makes it fire resistance and incombustible. GLassPad therefore fully complies with any strict building and industrial code.

GLassPad Advantages


  • Inorganic, inflammable material (Non-Combustible according to EURO Class A2, S1, D0 ” (Based on EN ISO1182 and EN 13823 (SBI) )
  • Low energy humidifier/cooler
  • Allow for precision control
  • No risk of over-saturation
  • No need for water treatment
  • Trouble free maintenance
  • Safe and hygienic



For customised systems

Complete frame system for the more efficient evaporative cooling system. A perfect complementary to Cellpad Maximum Durability:

PadPlus is made of


  • 100% first grade PVC with anti-UV compoundmaterial to ensure its long working life even underharsh condition.
  • Easy Installation: PadPlus, with its light weight and snap-on components, can be easily installed. No solid technical background is required!!

Easy Maintenance: PadPlus can be easily dissembled and re-assembled for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Your affordable investment: PadPlus is customised system that makes your evaporative system pay off quickly.