AAAT work closely with DST who are at the forefront of desiccant technology.

The basic principle of Dehumidifiers is that they remove moisture from the air by drawing the air into a medium (desiccant wheel or condenser) and cooling the air below its dew point, where the water is then removed from the system.

The Desiccant wheel is a highly absorbent material, which easily attracts the water vapour in the air as it flows through it. Then using the return air from the space, the moisture is taken out of the unit and outside in an energy efficient method. As you can see below, the air is loaded with water vapour on the way into the desiccant wheel, and upon leaving the wheel it is significantly drier.

The refrigerant dehumidifiers uses a similar technique, but water vapour is removed by cooling the air to below its dew point (the temperature at which it begins to turn to water droplets) and turning into water on the cold condenser fins. These water droplets then fall into a drip tray below, and the water is removed from the system. The air is then reheated on a condensor and cycled into the space.

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