Energy Recovery Ventilator

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Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

ERV from DST Seibu Giken with World leading Japanese  Seibu Giken Hi- Panex-Ion energy recovery technology with low odour transfer, and anti germ mould proof effect.


Built into air handling units AHU they offer peak demand reduction and system downsize which often pays off on first cost.

Sustainable HVAC look to the benefits of (ERV)  Energy Recovery Ventilators for peak demand  ventilation energy savings. ERV require exhaust air  from a conditioned space to recover 70-80% of the  conditioned energy at peak.  The ERV allows for the  fresh air to be less hot and humid in summer during the  extreme conditions, and reclaim building heat and  moisture in winter.

IDEC (Indirect Evaporative cooling) Options of the technology with  exhaust air evaporative cooling provided indirect  evaporative cooling.

Seibu Giken HI-PANEX-ION total and sensible heat exchanger technology has been a technology leader for many years wit the original invention of the Silica gel wheel.

ERV Wheel

Advantages of Hi-panex Ion transfer:

  • Excellent odor transfer prevention
  • Condensation proof in +80%rh OA (preheat NA)
  • Energy saving effect
  • Anti germ/mould-proof effect
  • Minimal air leakage
  • Japanese quality and performance compliance

The rotor is rotated around  16 rpm in the direction of the arrow. Return air from the inside passes from the upper half of the rotor and is exhausted outside. During this most of the total heat (heat and moisture) of the return air is kept in the rotor and stale air is exhausted from the space is exhausted. In other words the ERV is a total heat exchanger  which recycles energy lost in ventilation.

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