Rental Dehumidifiers

DST                                                                                                           31110@2x

Seibu Giken DST is a technology leader and as such provide advance desiccant performance and efficiency.  The control is developed to reduce fuel consumption and power costs during a rental.


  • Efficient – Advanced control and rotor technology including energy purges provide the best engineered solution in the market
  • Economic- Ask us, daily rates, reduced fuel cost
  • Environment – Able to maintain specified humidity with experience of desiccant system design since 1986 and DST 60,000 installations.  Further we have traceable unit history to avoid pollutants effecting success of projects (mold remediation units not used in food)   All units history are recorded and cleanliness is deemed suitable for application.


Capacities in Australia

DC-10_rightangle                       desiccant-dehumidifier-model-dc-031b-59634

190m3/h 0.6kg/h 1P    500m3/h 2.1kg/h 1)


Refrigeraiton Dryer 72L/day (3kg/h at 30C 80%rh or 1kg/h at 20C 60%rh)

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