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Air And Aquatech  delivered over 120,000l/s of Desiccant systems in FY 2011/12 making us a technology leader in Australia, and  referral  from some other leaders  

Storage & Preservation Leader –  National Archives of Australia – “We use Seibu Giken DST and other desiccant Dehumidifiers for our humidity control of government film and documents.   We find the DST product, technical support and service exceeds our high compliance standards, and welcome any reference checks.” –   Craig Stevens – Facilities Manager  Ph: (02) 9645 0104

Commercial System Leader – CSA Consulting –CSA have a long history of consultancy of Important and relevant experience in business critical environmental control in Museum spaces, laboratories and pharmaceutical factories.   We have used various brands of Desiccant systems and have found Seibu Giken-DST to perform to and sometimes above expectations in all Artwork preservation, Indoor Pool, Supermarket, and Cleanroom projects.  Feel free to contact me for referral. ( Colin Shears – CSA Consulting Ph: 02 9945 0193  Fax: 02 9945 1224  Mobile: 0419015453)

 Rental Equipment Leader – National Archives of Australia – Mold remediation


Hi Gordon,

Thanks very much for coming out this morning & cleaning up.  I would like to pass on my thanks for all your assistance in delivering what has been a multifaceted project with numerous challenges & obstacles.  Hope to do business with AAAT in the future.

Regards & thanks

Peter Scholes, Assistant Director Facilities, National Archives of Australia

Technology Leader – Siebu Giken-DST – “Congratulations on being our 12th largest agent globally in 2011″. Seibu Giken DST is a world technology leader in desiccant rotor technology with  over 50,000 units in the field.  Magnus Andrae General Manager  Seibu Giken DST