Custom Air Handling

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AIRPAK air handling units are widely recognized as quality leaders in the industry for their robust construction and incorporation of premium quality components for class leading benefits of high efficiency, low noise & vibration, and reduced maintenance requirements.

This attention to detail and commitment to engineering excellence has seen the AIRPAK brand as the foremost supplier to medical facilities, as well as the related pharmaceutical and food processing industries.



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Standard Construction

AIRPAK air handling unit are constructed from marine grade aluminium pentapost frames to obtain maximum rigidity and light weight. Panel construction is outer panel skin from galvanised marine grade color steel sheet, inner panel skin from galvanised steel sheet, with eco-friendly olyurethane foam insulation for superior insulation and breakout resistance. Access doors are provided in areas of regular maintenance and are either hinged or lift-off. Unit bases are fabricated from galvanised steel. Units for external installation incorporate a waterproof roof membrane and inlet cowl and/or eliminator.

  • Computerised selection submittals and manufacture
  • Energy recovery options to suite site needs
  • Energy modelling of DOAS Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
  • Optional Inspection windows
  • Food grade construction
  • Panel thickness 25mm 60mm made inhouse