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ALTO Pool Dehumidifiers

Alto Refrigeration Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is a professional company which has been operating in manufacturing refrigeration products for more than ten years. It is located in Foshan city of South China with a production facility of 12,000m2, which owns one office building, two assembly lines, three laboratories and complete facilities for product development, manufacturing and standard testing.

Alto has achieved high growth with non-stop innovation, flexible sales solution and consideration on customers. Alto supply a full range of quality products, including heat pumps, multi-functional dehumidification systems, air cooled chillers and energy recovery ventilators etc. All products are strictly constructed with long-lasting components and craftsmanship to comply with ISO 9001 quality standards, and have acquired the CE, CB and ROHS certificates.

Alto D Series Dehumidifier

D series

Alto D series dehumidifiers are designed for swimming pool applications, and are compact and robust. An indoor swimming pool is a wonderful leisure and exercise place, but the evaporation from the water surface can cause serious problems. Elevated humidity levels not only create an uncomfortable environment but also cause walls, decorative finishes and roofs to deteriorate rapidly. Alto dehumidification products are specifically designed to continuously remove excess humidity from the air and recover energy which is then be used for air heating. It will help to maintain comfortable humidity and ensure preservation of the building.


how it works


Advantages of the Alto D Series Dehumidifier

Very quiet rotary compressor

Anti-corrosion plastic cabinet

High quality stainless steel structure

Convenient design

Two speed fan

Adjustable air outlet

Easily cleaned drain pan


Suitable for private swimming pools

Design for use in rooms without big windows Three types of installation, wall mount, floor mount and wheel mount

Easy settings interface

Remote controller with up to 8m range

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