Canberra Museum Gallery Dehumidified

The Collection of iconic works by Sidney
Nolan was donated to the people of Australia and includes
fifteen works from the Kelly series and the first of
the artist’s Burke and Wills paintings.
This significant collection is explored through a range of
visual arts education and community programs available
in the Gallery and studio space, or as outreach sessions in
the classroom.  Other works from the Nolan Collection ill
be shown as part of CMAG’s temporary exhibition program.
Canberra museum and art gallery has long suffered a
non compliance in humidity to suite there exhibit expectations
and employed Alexious Valentine of Northrop
Consultant to look into the alternatives. The chilled
water option was not going to ensure 50%rh and consumes excessive energy.


Maintaining Low Humidity

Use of Seibu Giken DST hot water regenerated Desiccant dehumidifier provided capability of getting the required supply air of 5.7g/kg (room 8.8g/kg, with 3.1g/kg internal moisture gain based on 7.5l/s air per occupant.  Other options would have required the chilled water to be lowered to 4C increasing chiller energy cost by 10% as we as removing capacity OR persist with overcooling and reheating the air, which was deemed to be inefficient and unreliable

Two RU 102 desiccant dehumidifier rotors were used and installed by Haden Engineering.  The system controls humidity to 50%rh +/-1.5%rh at 23C.

The stability ensures the art of Sidney Noland is stabilized for future generations to enjoy.