Ice prevention in Simplot cold stores

Simplot at Bathurst is a leading food processor of products including Edgles Birdseye and Chico rolls and although inland, they are exposed to enough moisture to cause ice problems in -20C stores.  The site has multiple entrances and the use of Desiccants to reduce the incoming dewpoint was the final solution. Seibu Giken DST model … Read more

100+ Dehumidified stores for Coles Supermarkets

100+ Dehumidified stores for Coles Supermarkets Seibu Giken DST Dryers find their way into over 100 Coles supermarkets since 2011 given the unique technology manipulation optimized for a complex site. The units provide 30kg/h moisture removal using waste heat alone for substantial hours of the year.  Ask up to find out how. EFA122 is used … Read more