Ice prevention in Simplot cold stores

Simplot at Bathurst is a leading food processor of products including Edgles Birdseye and Chico rolls and although inland, they are exposed to enough moisture to cause ice problems in -20C stores.  The site has multiple entrances and the use of Desiccants to reduce the incoming dewpoint was the final solution.

cold store simplot IMAG3115

Seibu Giken DST model RA061R (1450m3/hr) desiccant dehumidifier is a reliable option, as it is electro-mechanical control means it can be locally serviced without circuit cards to confuse any diagnosis.  Its stainless steel construction is also useful in food-grade areas that are frequently washed. Installed into the dock area and able to remove 10kg/h or water vapour, the units would control to 0Cdp at doc temperatures around 10C.  With the dry air directed towards the freezer door at -30Cdp the dryness of the infiltrating air would be adequate to avoid icing issues.